The 2011 Awards

Best In Show:

Old Port Lobster Shack

(Redwood City, CA)

The Old Port Lobster Shack offered a very simple minded roll.  The bun was buttered and toasted.  The lobster meat consisted of claw and knuckle and was blended with just a little mayonnaise and some green onion.  What made this lobster roll stand out is the fact that it was all about the lobster meat.  The surroundings were simple and the meat’s strengths were utilized.  This is what a lobster roll should be all about, even if you have to fly across the nation to get a taste.

Most Creative:

The Lambs Club

(New York, NY)

While most lobster rolls are nothing more than a blend of mayonnaise or butter with fresh lobster meat, The Lambs Club in New York came up with something unique.  A blend of dijon sauce and a homemade mayonnaise is drizzled across the lobster roll offering a spicy kick. 

Best Lobster Meat:

Camden Harbour Inn

(Camden, ME)

One thing that all 17 lobster rolls had in common was that the main ingredient was from Maine: lobster.  The freshest lobster, therefore, is not surprisingly from Camden, Maine.  The meat was not tough, but not slimy either.  There was not much of an after-taste either, which is a good thing when it comes to seafood.  Simply put, this lobster roll was perfectly cooked and tasted fresh.  

Honorable Mention:

Red Hook Lobster

(Brooklyn, NY)

The Lobster Rumble featured another fine offering by Red Hook Lobster Pound.  While the bun may have been a little too buttered, what’s nice about the lobster rolls is that there are two different options.  you can have the lobster roll with no mayonnaise, but just a side of butter.  Or you can have the lobster roll with butter and mayonnaise.  The lobster meat is freshly cooked, and good news for Manhattanites is that Red Hook will offer a lobster truck this summer, making the voyage into Manhattan from Brooklyn.

Lobster Rumble


BLT Fish

A nice buttered lobster roll, but a bit heavy on the mayonnaise.

Lobsta Truck

A nice homemade mayonnaise with additional spices on a warm buttered bun.

Mary’s Fish Camp

The lobster roll is simply weighed down by the heavy amount of mayonnaise used.  We did enjoy the large chunks of tail meat.

GT Fish and Oyster

There was a lemon kick and a soft and sweet challah roll.

Camden Harbour Inn

A pickled onion roll, a crunchy sandwich because of the pieces of lettuce, lots of mayonnaise.

Ed’s Chowder House

Some tarragon is noticeable mixed in with the lobster as well as some lemon zest.

B&G Oysters

A very fresh sandwich made mostly out of lobster with just a tad of mayonnaise and some chives.

Ditch Plains

This was disappointing due to the rubbery lobster meat.  It took away from the aioli mayonnaise zest.

The Mermaid Inn

A fine lobster roll that just did not stick out in any regard.

Luke’s Lobster

A solid lobster roll with nice seasoning and just a tad of mayonnaise. I, however, prefer some tail rather than mostly claw.

Summer Shack

It was great to see Jasper White manning the station.  It was a nice home made saffron bun with well-seasoned lobster meat with mayonnaise and chives.

Lure Fishbar

This was a different than most lobster rolls since it was actually a BLT with bacon and tomato joining the lobster salad.  it had a nice crunch and hickory taste.

Shaw’s Crab House

This lobster roll had a strong lemon taste, and the lobster meat did not taste as fresh as the competitors.

Nettie’s Crab Shack

There were some vegetables served on the side, but not enough lobster meat on the roll.

Red Hook Lobster Pound

A very good lobster roll that can be served naked with mayonnaise and instead just buttered, or served in usual form with mayonnaise.  The lobster meat was fresh and had a nice sweet taste. 

The Lambs Club

A very unique roll that included a combination of mayonnaise and dijon sauce to complement the lobster meat with a nice spicy kick. 

Hank’s Oyster Bar

A warm toasted bun, it was a simple lobster roll but the meat was a bit too tough.

Old Port Fish Shack

A nice and simple lobster roll with buttered bread, a hint of green onions, but it’s strength lies in its simplicity, which is all about the tasty lobster meat.